This website is a effort to curate, collate, summarize and share important new and historical resources, including but not limited to published literature, websites and tools that may be helpful for epidemiologists and those in allied fields (such as public health, bio-statistics, medicine and other health fields, etc.) in a language that is accessible to a broad audience.

Quick lists: Lists of 5-25 resources centered around a topic, with brief summaries of 50-150 words each  that highlight the main highlights of the resource, relevance and any limitations if applicable. All items must be cited. Open access resources are preferred when possible, or included as alternatives. Ideas for useful & creative lists include:

  • A list of websites tackling a concept
  • A list of thematically linked articles
  • A list of software, plugins, add-ons to solve a problem
  • A list of info-graphics
  • A list of Twitter tutorials
  • A list of useful lists
  • etc.

Quick quiz: A list of 5-25 short multiple choice questions centered around a concept supplemented by a single article or multiple articles or websites and other resources. Can be accompanied by a quick list, an off the press article, or a throwback article.

Off the press: Brief digestible summaries of recent literature in epidemiology and allied fields. Focused on a single article (1) Giving context, main highlights, important limitations in 450-750 words (2) Link to the original article (publicly accessible version if available) (3) Link to pubpeer page for the article (4) Link to twitter/website summaries or tutorials if provided by authors.

Throwback: Brief summary (450-950 words) of significant historical literature (>10 years) in epidemiology and allied fields that are of special significance to the fields and/or to the public. Focused on a single article. A summary giving context, highlights of the article, impact on the field, and relevance to epidemiology today.

Interested in contributing?

Science communication is a collaborative effort, no one can do it alone! If you are interested in suggesting ideas or contributing a resource please use the form below or contact me at marzieh@epitodate.com. To be appropriately credited, please make sure to include the name/link you’d like to be credited with!

If you are interested in contributing as a writer to disseminate information with the aims above in mind please use the same form or email me mentioning your interest and the topic/article you are interested in writing about (including your expertise if relevant) and you’ll be contacted within 48 hours.

About the curator

Marzieh Ghiasi, MSc is an MD/PhD epidemiology trainee at Michigan State University. Her current research is focused on the genetic epidemiology of gynecologic disease, focusing on endometriosis. Her background in research is in airborne infectious disease transmission and environmental health. She is passionate about promoting stronger medical education, particularly focusing on epidemiological, biostatistics and clinical research skills.

Page last updated: 3/20/2020